Safe sledding

We want you to be safe on the slopes and trails, so please understand the following…

This sled does not have steering or brakes. It can reach high speed

To reduce the risk of serious injury or death, use only in a safe, open sledding area that…

  • Is away from vehicles
  • Is clear of obstacles and rough terrain
  • Has good visibility
  • Lacks ramps or jumps
  • Is not crowded (stay clear of other people)
  • Has an age-appropriate slope

Wear a helmet

Wear goggles to protect eyes from flying snow and debris

No more than 2 riders or 250lbs

Do not tow the sled behind any vehicle

The rope is for pulling the sled and does not provide steering

Avoid entanglement – do not wrap the rope around sledders

This is not a flotation device – do not use in water

Supervise children – make sure they know and follow all rules. Children should be supervised by, or have the sled under direct control of, an adult at all times.